Louise Gagne




Louise Gagne



Graduate Certificate in Ontological Coaching, Newfield Coaching Institute, University of Calgary
Registered Social Worker
MA, Social Work, University of Windsor
BA, Social Work, University of Western Ontario

Louise is an accomplished and energetic not for profit executive, with more than 25 years of leading regional and provincial organizations. As a strategic leader, she thrives in working in complex environments and has the ability to clearly set a vision for organizations and inspire others to move forward with her towards that vision to achieve strategic outcomes. Louise has the ability to both focus on achieving community and fundraising objectives and develop and support her direct reports, peers and other key stakeholders.

Louise has studied and practiced people interactions and communication with an undergraduate degree in Social Work, followed by decades of practice. She completed her Master of Social Work in 2011. Most recently, she has completed the Certified Training with Newfield to become an Ontological Coach, focusing on executive and leadership coaching. Louise is in the process of working towards becoming a credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Louise has honed her skills and has easily expanded and enhanced these skills to embrace the coaching model. Coaching is similar to an “upgrade” to the mind. The focus of her work has been to join with the individual/organization as a thinking partner to understand the challenges that they are facing and create new possibility. New observations create new actions and outcomes. She brings compassion and caring, active listening skills and a belief that we all want to show up as our best selves.