Engagement Experience

As executive coaches, facilitators, and organizational development consultants, we provide a range of services for both individuals and organizations. Following are some examples of just some of our recent coaching, leadership development workshops, team development and mentoring initiatives, and engagements we have experienced:

  • Provided group facilitation services for several smaller cohort groups, focused on leadership skills, where the participants represented carious levels of leadership within the organization. The larger, combined group of program participants was approximately 150 individual developing leaders.
  • As part of a team of highly experienced facilitators of a national consultancy firm, provides facilitation services for an organization-wide leadership essentials workship for the City of Calgary.
  • Coached 20 participants in a CFO Program, sponsored by the Chartered Professional Accountants Association of Alberta, to build their leadership skills.
  • Coached several emerging leaders, who were preparing to move from individual contributor to leadership roles, to develop the key leadership skills of coaching, mentoring, providing feedback, and delegating.
  • Coached numerous developing leaders to become more aware of their strengths and how to leverage them in their current roles or as they transition in to their new leadership roles.
  • As part of a company-wide leadership development initiative, coached more than 35 developing leaders to further develop their leadership skills in order to enhance their performance and business results. Also, as part of this initiative, facilitated table coaching for 2 on-going leadership programs.
  • Coached 8 seasoned leaders as part of a company-wide leadership development initiative to further develop their coaching and mentoring skills as well to develop their teams for higher performance.
  • Worked with a seasoned CEO and a COO to develop strategic thinking and execution skills in order to lead their organizations to the next level. Also, partnered with the Senior Leadership Team to set the strategic direction for the organization as well as to build a high performance team.
  • Partnered with a seasoned general manager to further strengthen his communications skills. Also worked with he and his multi-functional team on a high performance team initiative to build increased capacity.
  • Designed and facilitated the Stillwater Coaching Leadership Essentials Workshop Series for a professional association and its members.
  • Partnering with the Mentoring Sub-Committee of a professional association, designed a customized Mentorship Program and helped the Sub-Committee to implement this new program. This included the facilitation of training sessions with both the mentors, proteges and the Sub-Committee.
  • Collaborating with the Program Director of a not-for-profit organization to enhance an already successful mentoring program for its clients. This included design additions / modifications as well as the facilitation of a training program for Mentoring Program participants.